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Thank God, The Lord of The Worlds, peace and prayers to the master of the prophets and messengers, Our Master Muhammad, best pray, and i am honored to welcome visitors to the website of the new municipality of Dhiban, which comes to keep up with the spirit of the times and to serve as a link between the .... More

About Dhiban

Summary on the reality of the New Municipality of Dhiban :

The new municipality of Dhiban is located within the Dhiban Brigade as one of the administrative centers of Madaba province. On 1 January 1996, the general was introduced, and the brigade includes the District of Melih and The Larayedh District. It also includes three municipal councils (Melih, Lub and Al Areid). It includes the following towns and villages (Dhiban AlSafa, Al Moshrefa, Al-Alia, Falha, Amoria, Um Al-Shajirah Sharqeiah, Um Al-Shajirah Al-Gharbiah,Al Raihaniah, Arar, Um Shajara, AlDahabia, Al-Mathlotha, Khalidiya, Nahda, Manshiyeh, Barzeh, Qasimiyah, Al-Sa'id And the dome..

The comparative advantages of the Dhiban Brigade :


  • Many sites of internal tourism (Al-Walaa and Al-Haydan) and the sites of excellence of the Brigade : The Hill of Dhiban, an ancient hill dating back to the period of Moaabiah period, in which the obelisk of the Moaabi stone was found, Makour, which has the remains of a Roman castle (or palace), Churches and Mosaic floors, Araer Khirbet, Iskander, Wadi Al-Haydan, Wadi Al-Mujib, Hammam Qusayb and Brat .
  • High percentage of learners .
  • The presence of sources of drinking water that feed the surrounding areas (al-Walaa and Al-Haydan wells) .
  • People's dependence on livestock and agricultural production.


Challenges facing the new municipality of Dhiban :


  • Limited development role .
  • Weak methodologies and tools to establish a partnership with the private sector to guarantee municipal rights .
  • High costs of maintaining mechanisms, which affect the efficient and efficient implementation of the municipal's main operations, in some areas such as solid waste management and street cleaning .
  • Lack of programs and plans to build institutional capacities among municipal cadres in specialized technical topics, including street maintenance, machinery and equipment maintenance, as well as poor competencies in the field of strategic planning, development and others .


Decentralization in the new municipality of Dhiban :

The new municipality of Dhiban consists of three local councils :


  • The local council of Dhiban, which includes a group of villages: Al-Mathlotha, Aqraba, Araer, Barza, Mazrah, Wadi Al-Walaa, Al-Dahabiah, Falha, Rajim Salim and Um Al-Shojyra Al-Gharbiah, followed by a group of neighborhoods and communities .
  • Al-Alia Local Council, which includes al-Alia village only and a group of neighborhoods and communities ( Al-Alia, AlMushrefah, Manshiyeh and Al-Qubabeh) .
  • The local council of the brother and barzeh, which includes the village of Al-Shaqeq only and a group of neighborhoods and communities, namely (Barzeh, Al Shaqeq and Mother of Shajarah) .


The number of members of local councils was 12, the share of women members of the municipal council was three and the municipal council was 11.