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Thank God, The Lord of The Worlds, peace and prayers to the master of the prophets and messengers, Our Master Muhammad, best pray, and i am honored to welcome visitors to the website of the new municipality of Dhiban, which comes to keep up with the spirit of the times and to serve as a link between the .... More

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Permission works to deliver water and electricity

Documents required :

  • A new land plan.
  • A new registration bond.
  • A new registration permit from the Department of Buildings and Land Tax (Ceilings).
  • Municipal clearance (imports, court, rental property, licenses of professions, region) .
  • Site layout and delimitation in effect.
  • Lease for the semi-planned construction of a lease.
  • Building permit.

Service delivery procedures :

  • Application by the relevant person and according to the form prepared in the region and registered in the Diwan.
  • Field inspection of the construction by the surveyor to indicate the position of the construction in terms of areas and recoils.
  • Explanation on request by the head of the technical department.
  • Placement on demand by the district manager.
  • Submit the request to the competent regulatory committee and make a decision and install it on it.
  • Print and sign the work permit as appropriate.
  • Delivery of the documents to the owner of the relationship.

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