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Procedure for obtaining a profession license

Procedures for obtaining a profession license for the first time
The required documents:-
• Valid work permit.
• Clearance from the municipality (leased property, profession licenses, court, region, imports).
• Clearance from the Department of Buildings and Lands (roofs) for the owner and tenant.
• An electricity bill for the intended business.
• Certified lease.
• Commercial Register.
• Bringing the Chamber of Commerce certificate for commercial professions.
• Bringing the Chamber of Industry Certificate for Industrial Professions.
• Certificate of affiliation to the competent institutions and trade unions by profession.
• Certificate of practicing the profession (vocational training institution).
• Approval of the concerned authorities.
Service Delivery Procedures:
• Apply for a profession license for the first time from accounting in the region.
• Explanations of the technical section in the region.
• Health observer explanations of the occupations that require it.
• Placement on demand by the Area Manager.
• Placement on demand by the Municipality Licensing Department.
• Sign the application from the Mayor.
• Issuing the license by the accountant of the licenses of professions and duly signed.
• Handing over the transaction to the concerned person.

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