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Thank God, The Lord of The Worlds, peace and prayers to the master of the prophets and messengers, Our Master Muhammad, best pray, and i am honored to welcome visitors to the website of the new municipality of Dhiban, which comes to keep up with the spirit of the times and to serve as a link between the .... More

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Regulatory - related services

Procedures for organizational changes and organization of a new area
The required documents:-
• call up.
• Modern land plan.
• Statement of change.
• Registration deed.
• Approval of the owners of the pieces affected by the amendment or to be introduced for regulation.
Service Delivery Procedures:
• Transfer of the amendment transaction or organization of an area from the zone to the Regulation Department.
• Reality is inspected by the engineers of the organization department and the placement is done.
• Transfer the transaction to the Survey Department to raise the buildings affected by the amendment or to be organized.

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