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Thank God, The Lord of The Worlds, peace and prayers to the master of the prophets and messengers, Our Master Muhammad, best pray, and i am honored to welcome visitors to the website of the new municipality of Dhiban, which comes to keep up with the spirit of the times and to serve as a link between the .... More

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Regulation / secretion / licensing / revenue regulation


1. Submit a call to the organization request
2. Bring a registration deed
3. Bring a land plan
4. Bring a delimitation site map
5. Submit to the competent authority
6. Conduct inspection and download of buildings, if any, wells, chests and any assets
7. Turn to the Organizing Committee problem to this end
8. Transfer to the local committee with jurisdiction to take the appropriate decision (approval or disagreement)
9. It shall be submitted to the competent authorities for the conduct of the proceedings if the Committee's approval includes the following:
• Reduction of street capacity
• Street adjustment
• Change the quality of use
• Cancel Street


1. Submit a license application
2. Bring the following attachments
• Registration deed
• Land scheme
• Site map and demarcation
• Partners approval in case of multiple partners
• The engineering plans
• Pledges not to violate
• Direct sentry after determining righteousness to maintain bounces and percentage
• Presentation to the local committee
• In case of approval, fees are paid
• Work permit is granted in case of non-violation by the decision of the local committee
• The license is kept and registered in the license register


1. Request for secretion
2. Obtain a site plan and demarcation that is identical to the organization
3. Registration deed
4. Land scheme
5. Report of licensed surveyor (secretion treatment)
6. Presentation to the secretion committee
7. Present to the local committee for approval or disagreement
8. Conversion of the District Committee in the event of a difference in the temporary area or the length of the interface from the required
9. Pay the fees
10. Addressing the lands

Regulation returns

1. It is imposed when entering any piece within the limits and according to the value of the square meter
2. Returns open and paving includes: Facade length × Bid price × 20/100

Required records:
1. Execution notification / alarms
2. Record returns
3. Record of building licenses
4. Record secretions
5. Record decisions
6. File of the District Committee
7. Record the position of execution

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